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CREDIT QUOTE Pty Ltd Credit Quote
ABN 88 161 036 228 | Australian Credit Licence 433137 | Level 40, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

What is a credit quote?

A Credit Quote sets out important information about the credit assistance and other services that we provide as a credit assistance provider.

We are required to provide this Credit Quote to you, and receive your acceptance of it, before we provide any credit assistance to you.

What is credit assistance?

We provide credit assistance when we:

Our relationship with credit providers

We may refer your application to one of the following credit providers:

Credit Provider Website Privacy Policy
Finance 1
Green Light Auto

What are the fees and charges for providing me with credit assistance?

You have requested that we provide you with credit assistance by arranging a loan for you with one of our credit providers. The maximum fee you will pay to Pty Ltd for this service is $990.00 (including GST). We may, in our discretion, reduce this fee. This is a one-off 'Dealer Origination' fee and is only payable if you enter into a credit contract or obtain a credit limit increase as a result of our providing credit assistance to you. This one-off fee is paid when your loan or additional credit is disbursed to you.

Where can I find out additional information regarding this quote?

Should you have any questions about the information contained in this Credit Quote, please contact Pty Ltd on 1300 88 96 69.

What do I do if I am ready to receive credit assistance?

To receive credit assistance you simply need to accept this quote by ticking the box below. In doing this you are, as at the date you tick below, acknowledging and accepting the fees, charges and commission associated with us providing you with credit assistance. A copy of this Credit Quote will be sent to you for your records once you have accepted it.

After you have accepted this Credit Quote for our credit assistance, we determine if there is a suitable loan for you. If there is a suitable loan for you we will prepare a credit proposal for you to review prior to completing any transaction. The credit proposal will contain information on the finalised fees, charges and commissions payable for the credit assistance.


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